Dr. Alok Trivedi

From Miserable Millionaire to Richly FulfilledDr. Alok’s Story

You May Not Believe This…

But most of us have one big thing (deep inside us) that stops us from being who we want to be and achieving the level of success that we’ve always dreamed of.

I am Dr. Alok Trivedi.
I create successful, fulfilled people with the help of neuroscience.

How does it work? In short, I show you exactly what is stopping you. We’re not going to create a vision board or talk about the importance of “goal setting,” we’re going to reach into your past and figure out what exactly is stopping you. In the end, you’ll feel a freedom you’ve never experienced.

Feel like you’ve heard this before? You haven’t.

I’m not like the other “rah-rah” self-help guys out there. Most of that stuff does more harm than good.

And to be blunt, most of it is total bullshit.

A little about me and how I discovered the Aligned Performance Process.

At a fairly young age, I had acquired all the things that I’d been told made me “successful.”

I had the big house, the family, the successful business, and of course: money. I was a millionaire in my 20s.

There was a problem, though. I was miserable.

I remember a particular evening vividly — it was my birthday. Surrounded by friends, family and loved ones, I escaped to the bathroom to be alone. I stood staring at myself in the mirror: I was a doctor, I had a beautiful family, nice cars, more money than I could spend… I had everything I thought I wanted. And at the same time, I was lost, confused, I felt empty. Worst of all, I had no idea who I was.

I remember thinking, “I have everything I’m supposed to have, so why do I feel like I have nothing?” And then immediately after that, “…am I really going to spend the next 50 years of my life this unhappy?”

Things changed for me more quickly than you might think.

I began to let go of who I thought I was “supposed to be.” Painfully, I took a long, hard look at what had been blocking me from taking ownership over my life (it was, like I suggested earlier, one big thing). I started moving from thinking “this is what I’m supposed to do” and towards getting what I wanted from a place of authenticity and value.

Once a student of personal development, I realized that approach was never going to work for me.

And the success? It happened in a flood.

Within just a couple of years I had:

  • Published the acclaimed book, Chasing Success
  • Appeared on CBS, Fox News, CTV News Canada, Global News, FHM, Shape and Ebony Magazine and many more
  • Consulted with some of the most powerful and influential CEOs and CFOs in the world.
  • Developed the Aligned Performance Institute, which is dedicated to expanding human awareness and potential around the world.

But those were just the tangible successes I had gained. At the same time, I had discovered a profound understanding of who I really was and where I had gone wrong all those years ago. I also started to realize how all of the “supposed” solutions that had existed in the marketplace were either not helping, or making things worse.

In other words…

The personal development model gets it all wrong.

All of the goal setting, positive thinking and vision boarding is total BS when it comes to meaningful and lasting change. True, those activities do a great job creating a vivid fantasy about the future of what you could be, they do nothing to address the factors that are limiting you from actually getting there.

This is why so many people try so hard to change and nothing seems to stick. They’re buying the fantasy, not the solution.

Our Approach


First of all, you’re never going to do a vision board or be asked to dance for 5 minutes at one of our events. If that’s what you’re looking for, please look elsewhere. Seriously, no hard feelings.

For everyone else, and my apologies if this gets slightly technical, but here’s how the brain actually works to create change:

Brain elements you should know:

  • ???? Survival Brain (Amygdala) = Pain/Pleasure
  • ???? Emotional Brain (Hypothalamus) = Feeling Center
  • ????Executive Brain (Prefrontal Cortex) = Logic & Foresight
???? Survival Brain (Amygdala) = Pain/Pleasure
???? Emotional Brain (Hypothalamus) = Feeling Center
???? Executive Brain (Prefrontal Cortex) = Logic & Foresight

The Problem:

Most people are operating out of their Survival Brain 99% of the time, which makes it very hard to change long-held patterns. Their decisions are a direct response to seeking pleasure or avoiding pain, and totally divorced from deeply-held values or previous plans (“I’m going to cut out sugar this year but-oh-wait-there-are-donuts-in-the-office-today?”)

The Solution:

Step 1 – Stop the Pleasure/Pain Cycle

Your best decisions come from a place of values, rather than the avoidance of pain. This process can take years to accomplish in therapy (if you get there at all). We shorten this process and get right to the heart of why you’re stuck on the emotional rollercoaster of the pleasure/pain cycle.

Step 2 – Get Aligned for Performance

Our signature Trivedi Process, at a high level:

  1. Identify all of your active emotions.
  2. Know your self-worth.
  3. Create a mission that inspires you.

Step 3 – Rewire Your Life

You’ll learn more about each one of these steps if you take one of our courses or attend a live event. Once you’ve gone through this, what you unlock is your true, unbridled potential. You’ll experience a happiness and freedom you’ve never felt before. You will, as many of our clients like to say, “get your life back.”

But Dr. Alok, what about the money?

Yes. The money will be there. Most people have NO idea what they’re capable of once they remove the thing that has been holding them back their entire lives.

It works. Here’s how you can start.



In just 2 minutes you’ll know which area of your life needs an upgrade. This is your baseline from which you’ll grow.

Tired of all the B.S. in personal development right now? So are we. Cut through the fluff and transform your life quickly with the right program for you.




You’ll be shocked how quickly you can go from depressed, frustrated, and stuck to thriving, happy, and successful!